In today’s business climate, businesses and individuals alike often find themselves entangled in complex litigation. A broad spectrum of circumstances between individuals, an individual and a business, two or more businesses or two government entities can lead to conflicts that end up with one of the parties filing a lawsuit. 

When you find yourself mired in a legal controversy, a skilled attorney may be able to assist you in ironing out differences through negotiation, arbitration or mediation. However, when a mutually acceptable agreement cannot be reached, your next step is taking your suit to court where a judge and jury hear arguments from both sides and a decision is rendered. 

The Nathanson Law Firm has tried or arbitrated multimillion-dollar commercial disputes involving a wide range of legal problems for plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving:

•    Breach of Contract
•    Breach of Warranty
•    Insurance Coverage & Claims
•    Breach of Fiduciary Duty
•    Real Estate Controversies
•    Regulatory Compliance
•    Employment Disputes
•    Misappropriation of Trade Secrets
•    Violation of Fair Trade Practices
•    Breach of Non-Disclosure Agreements
•    Defamation

At the core of our firm’s notable track record of verdicts and settlements lies a litigation strategy based on thorough case preparation. Through the coordinated efforts of strong support staff and use of state of the art technology, our attorneys develop each case for trial with the aim of maximizing prospects for an outcome that meets our client’s objectives.  

With expertise derived from nearly three decades of experience in trials and appeals, our firm represents commercial and individual interests in the State courts of Illinois and Arizona and in federal litigation and appeals.  

Whether you have been named as a defendant in lawsuit or you are contemplating legal action to settle a dispute, we invite you to call our Chicago office at (312) 448-3167 or Phoenix at (480) 419-2578, to arrange a consultation to discuss how our legal team can assist you in finding a viable solution.